Wood Tray for One Dozen Eggs

Wood Tray for One Dozen Eggs

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This beautiful wood egg holder is perfect to sit upon your kitchen island. A true show stopper - each piece is unique and beautiful. Add a rustic touch to your kitchen decor through beautiful function. This wood tray makes it very easy to move from counter to counter with grace.

This wood egg holder is made out of wood and sealed with natural beeswax. The holes are carved by hand and can hold any size egg you have. Piece measures 14 inches long by 5.5 inches. You can choose your stain color as well by visiting www.whitehallfarmmarket.com/choices. Do you have another item you are trying to match the color of? Please send us a message and we would be happy to help! *Each order will be different and unique as a different piece of wood is used for each order*

Perfect for chicken farmers, home chefs and food bloggers! 

Other sizes are available as well. Please send a message!
Would you like your family or farm name engraved on the wood egg holder? Please send us a message!

Wholesale available.

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